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Robot Dinosaur

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{{Character | name = Robot Dinosaur| image = [[FileImage:Dinosaur RobotRobot_Dinosaur_standing.jpg|thumb316px|''Robot Dinosaur'']]| alignment = Bad| appears in = ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|R2]]'', ''[[Rayman Revolution|R2: Revolution]]'', ''[[Rayman M|RM]]'', ''[[Rayman DS|RDS]]''| sex = N/A| species = Unknown| status = Enemy}}
The '''Robot Dinosaur''' is an invincible enemy from ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape]]'' and its remakes, ''[[Rayman 2: Revolution]]'' and ''[[Rayman DS]]''. It goes un-named in all versions but the PS PlayStation version.
The Robot Dinosaur is a giant, remote-controlled robot with a head resembling that of a [[Teensie]]'s, along with two raptor-like legs. It tends to hop a lot like a kangaroo and makes noises almost like a chicken.
The Robot Dinosaur was used by [[Admiral Razorbeard's Lackeylackey]] to patrol search the [[The Reformatory for Disturbing Children|Reformatory for Disturbing ChildrenIron Mountains]] in for the [[Iron MountainsFour Masks of Polokus|Fourth Mask of Polokus]]. If anything escaped, it would persistently chase down the escapee.
==Role in the Games==
The Robot Dinosaur doesn't appear until the grand finale of the Iron Mountains. It is dangerous for [[Rayman (character)|Rayman]] to approach, but otherwise helpful: its jumping makes a crate bounce just high enough for Rayman to enter the Reformatoryfor Disturbing Children and rescue the [[Baby Globox|baby Globoxes]]. Similarly, a crate bounces inside the Reformatory; this allows Rayman to reach the Reformatory's roof.
However, once Rayman reaches the roof , the Robot Dinosaur's role is another story completely. After Rayman releases [[Globox]]'s [[Baby Globox|children]] from the Reformatory, the Robot Dinosaur is quick to react. Rayman must speedily zip by the incoming Robot Dinosaur on a [[Walking Shell]] or risk being flattened. However, it is still useful for the player, because it can hurl big stones into the air or crush them, revealing [[Yellow Lum]]s underneithunderneath.
The exception to the rule is the PS PlayStation version of ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]'', in which [[Admiral Razorbeard's lackey |Razorbeard's lackey]] has forgotten to put fuel in the Robot Dinosaur's tank, rendering the Robot Dinosaur useless.Also,in [[Rayman 2 (2D prototype)|the 2D beta prototype version of ''Rayman 2'']], Rayman could jump on a mechanical dinosaur and ride it, and he could also smash its head and turn it into a platform.
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