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The Prison Ship

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===Phase 1===
We first see a video of a commander selling A cut-scene plays before the actual level, depicting [[Razorbeard]] purchasing the [[Grolgoth]] to from the [[RazorbeardGeneral]]. The first phase of the level then starts phase 1 is very quik things to watch out for-- involves Rayman sliding down slippery platforms while avoiding lava and falling executing complex jumps. At the end, he jumps down.a well to reach the next phase
===Phase 2===
As soon as this starts you have to hit Rayman is now inside the ship itself. Here, he must activate a switch or while fighting a [[Henchman 1000]]s who can jump through the lasers will kill youair and uses a flamethrower. Alot of things explode wile your sliding down dont worry they wont hurt youAfter activating the switch, you just have to keep aware of times that you need to hit switches. At the end of the phase this time you do have to drop down so dont keep going in circlesRayman obtains a [[Walking Shell]].
===Phase 3===
you have to go down now and there are alot of pirates down there plus a golden fist. Hit the switch and you should get a The last phase involves Rayman flying shell. Rayman now fly's and has to hit another switch to let him progress further. ===Phase 4===You now have to fly through around the pirate ship until you get to a small movie of rayman freeing all of his friendson the shell, dodging various obstacles.
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