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Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman 2, Rayman Revolution
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Sex Male
Species Unknown
Status Guardian

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Axel: Who is it, that dares to disturb the tranquility of this place? Rayman: Uh, but, I'm Rayman. Axel: Rayman?!?! That name means nothing me to me. Now tell me the truth, what do you think you're doing here, and what do you now really want!?!? Rayman: Me?! Why?! Because I have to gather to the four masks to bring Polokus back! And why? Because I'm their only hope, because this my only chance so I can chase the pirates. Axel: Now how do I suppose you ain't simply no thief??!! Think your strength and bravery can convince me? I'd like to see you try! Oh, THAT'S IT!! Prepare to meet destiny. Cause I promise you will prepare to fight!! Rayman 2: The Great Escape (PC, N64, Dreamcast, DS, PSX, and PS2 version)

Axel is a boss from Rayman 2: The Great Escape/Rayman 2: Revolution and is the Guardian of the Sanctuary of Water and Ice. Unlike most bosses in most video games, Axel only takes one hit to be destroyed, making him less powerful than some of the other guardians. He attacks by throwing icicles at Rayman, who has to get to him by shooting at Purple Lums in the air. Once there, Rayman then shoots a giant icicle, causing it to fall on to Axel's head, defeating him.

Despite being a boss to defeat who tries to kill you, he is not entirely evil as he is just guarding the Sanctuary of Water and Ice and the 1st Mask, which is one of the four masks to awaken Polokus. Axel guards the 1st Mask under Polokus's orders so that it not put into the wrong use.