Barrel Pirate

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Barrel Pirates are rare Robo-Pirates from all versions of Rayman 2: The Great Escape, though they predominantly appear in the PlayStation version. They are notable for their difficulty to take down, and first appear in the Whale Bay.


Barrel Pirates resemble giant barrels with legs. They stomp around hallways and guard special Robo-Pirate fortresses.

Battle strategy

Barrel Pirates are similar to miniature Boss Biditanks - they are formidable, slow-moving, and fire electric discharges. Though normally they fire poisonous cannonballs similar to a Yellow Henchman 800's projectiles, Barrel Pirates release electrical discharges whenever Rayman gets too close.

Barrel Pirates can be a hassle for a limbless hero to take down face-to-face; however, they are susceptible to ricocheting shots.


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