Begoniax Bayou

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Begoniax Bayou
Begoniax Bayou
Bog of Murk Hoodlum Moor
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Begoniax Bayou is the eighth level in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge. In this level, Rayman must fight the witch Bégoniax, who runs about and throws her green love potion at him. The battle against Bégoniax is very similar to the one in Rayman 3.


The level starts out by Rayman and Globox reuniting. Rayman has an idea in order to defeat the witch Bégoniax. In order to beat her, Rayman must lure her into her own love potion so that she is temporarily transformed into a toad, which allows Rayman to damage her. But if Rayman touches the potion, he turns into a toad himself for a short amount of time. There are multiple Red Lums in the arena, one above each spiky pit and one in each corner, which is useful in case Rayman is getting beat up. After Bégoniax is defeated, Globox takes credit for it, and threatens to throw Rayman off the dock. These uncharacteristic comments are caused by the influence of the Dark Lum Lord André, a fragment of whose evil spirit remains within Globox's body and is slowly corrupting and possessing him.


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