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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman 1
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Sex Female
Species Unknown
Status Fairy

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Betilla is a character in the Rayman universe. She is a limbless fairy who appears only in Rayman 1, and its educational remake, Rayman Junior.


Betilla is mostly humanoid but with no limbs, like every other character in Rayman 1. She has long red hair, wears very pale lipstick, and she wears a green and yellow hat and dress covered in blue stars.

Roles in Rayman

It is Betilla's job to protect the Great Protoon from anything happening to it. Unfortunately she was defeated by Mr Dark when he steals it, and was later kidnapped by him. Before then, at certain points in the game, she would give Rayman his powers one by one, and instruct him on how to use them. She does not really speak, but rather make a mystical 'doo-doo' voice.

In Rayman Junior

In this remake, Betilla now has a proper human voice. Along with the Magician, she gives Rayman an overview of the tasks he has to do in a specific level. She also Rayman to practice his moves in a special tutorial level called Betilla's Garden, which is basically a number of simplified maps from the original game used to practice the game's controls.