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| name = Big Bang
| image = [[File:RM-PC-BigBang-Training-StartPosition.jpg|center|320px|''Big Bang'']]
| preceded by = [[Electric Final]]
| followed by = [[Future]]
| league = The Bonus League
'''Big Bang''' is the first Bonus League race course in ''[[Rayman M]]''.
This race track only contains the Training mode. The landscape is, unlike the twelve main race tracks which feature a ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]''-related theme, a 3D skeleton. Its level structure is quite similar to ''[[Rayman Rush]]'''s [[Canopy (Rayman Rush)|Canopy]] race course: the presence of explosive pirate barrels in the beginning of the race course as well as a climbing wall in the left side, the "muddy" floors that correspond to the coins in the [[Canopy (Rayman Rush)|Canopy]] and the falling barrels in front and the top-left side corridor, the pink bumpers in the "muddy" floor also correspondent to the coins and the blue springs in the [[Canopy (Rayman Rush)|Canopy]] race course and the slippery areas with the explosive pirate barrels. The race course title might be related to this map being the prototype of the [[Canopy (Rayman Rush)|Canopy]]'s race course or to be among the first attempts of the race track mappings and the objects behaviour testing.
=== Screenshots ===
<gallery widths="320px" heights="240px">
RM-PC-BigBang-Training-StartPosition.jpg|The first player's starting position in ''[[Rayman M]]'''s Big Bang.
=== Artwork ===
[[File:BigBang-MenuPic-RaymanM.JPG|frame|left|Big Bang, as it is seen in ''[[Rayman M]]'''s menu.]]
==External links==
* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do121AHJqxw Big Bang's Training playthough at YouTube (Rayman M - PC version)]
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