Big Bang

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Big Bang
Big Bang
Electric Final Future
League The Bonus League
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Big Bang is the first Bonus League race course in Rayman M.


This race track only contains the Training mode. The landscape is, unlike the twelve main race tracks which feature a Rayman 2-related theme, a 3D skeleton. Its level structure is quite similar to Rayman Rush's Canopy race course: the presence of explosive pirate barrels in the beginning of the race course as well as a climbing wall in the left side, the "muddy" floors that correspond to the coins in the Canopy and the falling barrels in front and the top-left side corridor, the pink bumpers in the "muddy" floor also correspondent to the coins and the blue springs in the Canopy race course and the slippery areas with the explosive pirate barrels. The race course title might be related to this map being the prototype of the Canopy's race course or to be among the first attempts of the race track mappings and the objects behaviour testing.




Big Bang, as it is seen in Rayman M's menu.

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