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Blocks are scenery events which appear in Rayman Designer and its spin-offs. Unlike other scenery events, the blocks are solid and can't be passed through. Each world contains two different blocks, a vertical and a horizontal one. Vertical blocks only block Rayman from the top, and can thus be jumped onto from beneath. Blocks are usually connected to killdoors.

List of blocks

A totem block as seen in The Sky's the Limit.
The same totem block vanishing once the linked killdoor is triggered.
Totem.png Totem
Tree trunk.png Tree trunk
Xylophone.png Xylophone
Double bass.png Double bass
Bridge.png Bridge
Column.png Column
Pencil.png Pencil
Ruler.png Ruler
Electric wire.png Electric wire
Electric cable.png Electric cable
Rolling pin.png Rolling pin
Heap of cherries.png Heap of cherries