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Blue Lums are items from Rayman 2: The Great Escape and Rayman DS. They are replaced by Bubbles in Rayman 2: Revolution.


Blue Lums resemble blue-colored Yellow Lums. They are found only underwater.

Blue Lums are the manifestation of the life force of the Glade of Dreams. When a baby is born it is given its first Blue Lums. These Blue Lums are kept until the time of death.

After Silver Lums, Blue Lums are the rarest of all Lums.

Role in the Games

Blue Lums are found only in underwater areas, with the exception of the latter half of Whale Bay. If Rayman approaches one, his air meter will refill (similar to a Red Lum in relation to the HP meter). Blue Lums regenerate after a few seconds.

Mysteriously, Blue Lums were not included in Revolution. Replacing them were bubbles rising from holes in the submerged ground.

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