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"Kapousus Grosilus" as this Shadow Creature apparently also is named, serves as a miniboss in Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava in Rayman 2: Revolution.


Chenille is a large, reddish version of the common Shadow Creatures. It is stronger than all other Shadow Creatures, as it can endure multiple hits and after being shot, it loses a limb, which will additionally will attack Rayman. When Rayman shoots the attacking limb, it will die and split into additionally four of the small flying Shadow Creatures, which then will attack Rayman. Until all limbs has been killed, Chenille won't die. However the battle is finished quickly and Rayman can move on into the Sanctuary.

Role in Game

Rayman 2: Revolution

It is unknown why Chenille appears in this peticular level, but it is possible that it serves as a guardian to the entrance of the Sanctuary. It is possible that Razorbeard may have cut a deal with these creatures to stop Rayman from proceeding to the Third Mask. It could also be possible that Chenille has made a home in the Sanctuary and is simply protecting it's own home.

Origin and race

What Chenille's Purpose for other than attacking Rayman at the entrance to the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava is, remains unknown. Chenille is a character that only appears once and no information about it can be found. Some suggest that Chenille is the leader of the Shadow Creatures, considering it's outstanding appearence and strength.