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The Buccaneer is the massive Pirate Ship the Robo-Pirates used as a main base and in order to get to the Glade of Dreams.


On the outside it looks like any normal Pirate Ship except much bigger and with a giant Robo-Pirate skull carved on the front. The inside has lots of wood, lava, technology and metalworks.


Polokus transported Rayman to the Buccaneer when all four masks were collected, while the General (who appeared in Tonic Trouble) sold the Grolgoth to Admiral Razorbeard. Rayman had to slide and fly his way through before he reached Razorbeard. Razorbeard lured Rayman to him by using Globox as bait. It worked, and the Admiral, in his new Grolgoth, fought Rayman. Rayman managed to damage him a little and Razorbeard tried to jump on Rayman, but ended up smashing the ground and plunging them both into the lava pool below. Rayman was saved by a Silver Lum sent by Ly, but the Grolgoth, being a machine, didn't need saving. Rayman managed to take control of a flying shell and defeat Razorbeard, but the Admiral left before blowing up the ship with Rayman in it. Rayman was thought dead as a result of the explosion but walked in on his own funeral.


  • At the beginning of the Prison Ship, The General from one of Michel Ancel's other games, Tonic Trouble, appears. He sells Razorbeard the Grolgoth.
  • When Rayman fights Razorbeard in the Crow's Nest, if Rayman flies straight up at the ceiling while repeatedly pressing the jump and shoot button, he'll go through it and end up in a tunnel. If Rayman flies through to the end of the tunnel, he will be transported back to Razorbeard but with infinite shots.

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