Count Razoff

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Count Razoff
Alignment Bad

Appears in R3
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Sex Male
Species Unknown (similar to to the Grub race from The Animated Series; may be part-divine through Artemis)
Status Boss

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Count Razoff, last descendant of the royal Shoedsackovskaïa family of maniac hunters, is a boss from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. He is a tall green reptile (with a similar appearance to the Grub race from the animated series) that lives in a mansion in the Bog of Murk. Dressed in a red and gold outfit, he sports a shotgun which shoots arrows at any intruders that dare to enter his mansion. He is a hunter, and throughout the mansion there are statues of all of the animals he has hunted. He has several statues of Sssssam in his mansion; whether Razoff has killed him or not remains to be seen.


Count Razoff is the son of Count Zaroff, and the grandson of Nimrod and Artemis. He claims to hold the chair of Cynegenics at the University of Tyr-Kainkou.

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Count Razoff's Mansion

Razoff's mansion from the outside.

Razoff's mansion is located in the Bog of Murk. It is very large and classical mansion with many statues inside(including a statue of Sssssam). There are also several creatures to be found chained-up in his mansion; if Rayman frees these creatures they give him Red Lums before flying away.

Begoniax - A witch who is infatuated with Razoff for unexplained reasons.

Globox - Razoff once tried to kill Globox, who ended up in the mansion by mistake, after the Teensie Highway was broken.

Rayman - Razoff tried to kill Rayman after he came into Razoff's mansion attempting to save Globox. He intended to kill Rayman in order to perpetuate his family's hunting tradition.

The Hoodlums - The Hoodlums are Razoff's enemies too. When Globox ended up in the mansion, André ended there too, which means that Razoff indirectly held André captured, which is why the Hoodlums were trying to get him back. In the Rayman 3 minigame, Commando, the player controls Razoff as he fends off trespassing Hoodlums. In another minigame, Razoff Circus, the player controls Razoff from a first-person perspective as he shoots targets bearing pictures of enemies such as Rayman, Globox, and the Hoodlums.