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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends
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Resistance 1 HP[1]
Attacks None[2]

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Species Nightmare of Polokus

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Darkblockers are sticky blob-like creatures that appear in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. They can be found attached to every door that divides an area in the Glade of Dreams, staring at the players with their only eyeball, which seems to be their weak spot. If players hit them, they will make a grumbling noise, their eyeballs will pop out, and their bodies will disappear, unlocking the door. However, if the players cross the door and go to the next area, the Darkblockers will return. In some cases, these returning Darkblockers have no eyeballs and can't be defeated, making impossible to go back to the previous area. Darkblockers work somehow as checkpoints, marking places in which players can return if they get bubblized, pretty much like the Photographer from the original Rayman game, who's photoboard makes an appearance too, but as an end-of-level point. Although not being enemies, Darkblockers' name and dark blue colour may suggest that they are possibly related to the Darktoons. A dark red variant of Darkblockers can be seen inside of El Stomacho's entrails, in the level My Heartburn's for You; these Darkblockers share the same features as the regular ones.

In Rayman Legends, as well as appearing in the Back to Origins levels, Darkblockers also appear in Altitude Quickness from Toad Story and the Deadly Lights and Mansion of the Deep from 20,000 Lums Under the Sea, and in said levels, their functions are the same as in Rayman Origins.


  1. If they haven't got eye (see in the text), their resistance is Invicible.
  2. They only defend the area.