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The nymphs at the Dreamer's Door.

The Dreamer's Door is a circular stone portal which appears in Rayman Origins. It is located at the top of Mystical Pique, and can transport the heroes to the Moody Clouds. In order to function, it needs the combined magic of the five nymphs (Betilla the Fairy, Holly Luya, Edith Up, Annetta Fish and Helena Handbasket), four green Teensies, and the four Kings of the Glade of Dreams.

The Dreamer's Door is named after Polokus, the Bubble Dreamer, who created the world. While performing the ritual to open the door, Helena Handbasket invokes him, chanting 'Hokus, Polokus, focus, focus'. This is the only point in the game where the Bubble Dreamer's true name is mentioned.

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