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Rayman is cradled by a group of Electoons.

An Electoon is a small body of energy that appears in the original Rayman, and revolves around the Great Protoon which keeps its energy stable. The Electoons resemble small pink balls with large eyes, blue shoes and blonde ponytails. When Mister Dark stole the Great Protoon at the very beginning of the game, they lost their natural stability and ended up being scattered all over the world, and being captured by the monsters that have appeared since.

Their name is derived from the word "electron".

Videogame appearances


In the original Rayman, they are kept in cages in groups of seven, and in each level there are six cages. There is a total of 60 cages, all of which Rayman has to break before entering the Candy Chateau. Whenever they are set free, they will cheer, show love for Rayman, and walk on their own, often ending up falling into water. They can also use their hair as a helicopter like Rayman does. It is possible that Rayman is actually made up of Electoons, as when he dies, his body parts turn into them which quickly shoot up in the sky. Further proof is in this screen from the Dream Forest where an Electoon is doing what appears to be charging up its fist to hit the Livingstone.

An Electoon charging its fist.

At the end of the game, when Rayman is trapped between a fire spell Mister Dark casts in his lair, the Electoons return the favour by returning Rayman's fist power to him.

Game Boy Color version of Rayman

In this version of the game, they are called "Toons" rather than "Electoons", and here are thirty seven cages of Toons in total.