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An Electoon skiing in the mountains of the valley. Most of the characters in the original game, including the enemies, took a holiday after the defeat of Mr Dark.
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman, Rayman (Game Boy Color), Rayman Junior, Rayman Origins
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Sex Female
Species Electoon
Status Friend

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Electoons, sometimes known simply as Toons, are the stuff of Polokus's dreams and the substance from which the Glade of Dreams was created. They feature in several games in the Rayman series, most notably the original Rayman and Rayman Origins. They appear as small, pink, benevolent creatures with round bodies and blonde ponytails.


Rayman is cradled by a group of Electoons.

Electoons are composed of magical energy; together, hundreds of them revolve around the Great Protoon. The Electoons and the Great Protoon appear to balance and stabilise each other. Physically the Electoons resemble small pink balls with large eyes, blue shoes and blonde ponytails. When Mr Dark steals the Great Protoon at the very beginning of the game, the Electoons lose their natural stability and are scattered all over the valley. They are then captured and imprisoned in cages by Mr Dark's minions. More detail is given in the Game Boy Color version, which explains that Mr Dark captured the Electoons in order to steal their energy and use it for himself.

Electoons appear to be are female. In addition to their feminine appearance, they can be seen to fall in love with Rayman as soon as he rescues them – small heart icons appear over their heads to indicate this. The antithesis of Electoons are Antitoons (also known as Darktoons) – malevolent, blue, more masculine creatures which are highly similar to them. Antitoons are the stuff of nightmares, and are spawned by Jano, a creature born of Polokus's First Bad Dream.

The name ‘Electoon’ is derived from the term ‘electron’.

File:R1 Medallion.jpg
Rayman breaks an Electoon cage with his telescopic fist

Videogame appearances


In the original Rayman, they are kept in cages in groups of seven (or more in the Atari Jaguar version), and in each of the game's eighteen levels – excluding the final one – there are six cages. In total, there are 102 cages throughout the game, all of which Rayman must break in order to enter the Candy Château. Whenever they are set free, they will cheer, show love for Rayman, and walk on their own, often ending up falling into water. They can also use their hair as a helicopter like Rayman does. It is possible that Rayman is actually made up of Electoons, as when he dies, his body parts turn into Electoons which quickly shoot up in the sky. Further evidence for this can be found in the image used to represent the Dream Forest, in which an Electoon can be seen charging up charging up its telescopic fist to ambush a Livingstone, and an early version of the game, in which Rayman himself is represented by an Electoon on the world map. In Rayman 2, Rayman reverts to orbs of energy whenever he dies – Electoons are also beings of energy.

An Electoon charging its telescopic fist
Electoons with Rayman, Globox and the Grand Minimus in Rayman Origins

Game Boy Color version of Rayman

In this version of the game, they are called ‘Toons’ rather than ‘Electoons’. There are thirty-eight cages of Toons in total.

Rayman Origins

The Electoons return in Rayman Origins. In this game, Electoons not only are the creatures that connect the different areas within the Glade of Dreams, but also are the stuff of dreams, the only magical source able to keep Polokus in peace and serenity, stopping him from creating nightmares.

After Rayman, Globox, Polokus and some Teensies wake an old Granny with their obnoxious snoring, they get captured as well as some Electoons. With Polokus turning out of his mind, Rayman and his friends venture in the search for Electoons. In-game, there are cages in secret areas and at the end of each level. Some of the secret areas can be easily found if the player listens to the Electoons' constant cries for help. The player can also free more Electoons by collecting a certain amount of Lums and giving them to the Magician. If you collect enough Electoons you can unlock new character back at the Snoring Tree and gain access to both boss battles and Tricky Treasure levels.