Elevator Ambush

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Elevator Ambush
Elevator Ambush
The Shaolin Master Dojo There's Always a Bigger Fish
World 20,000 Lums Under the Sea

RL-Teensy.png 10

150 Lums
300 Lums
450 Lums
600 Lums

Elevator Ambush is the seventh level of 20,000 Lums Under the Sea, the fourth world in Rayman Legends. In certain parts of the level, Rayman and his friends will battle Underwater Toads as they ride on pipes that act like elevators. They will also meet the fourth Dark Teensy.

Area 1

The team of heroes start out in a dark underwater base. The beginning is straightforward as the gang needs to avoid the Dark Sentries along the way. The first Skull Coin is located on the light of a Dark Sentry. The door is to the left after climbing down the water pipes.

Area 2

When the team jumps onto a long pipe, it begins to move downward. While on it, Underwater Toads create an ambush on the heroes. They can appear from above, the background and the foreground. Eventually, after defeating them, the pipe stops next to the exit door.

Area 3

At the start of this area, the team can hear a Sharkman grunting as he throws electrifying objects that will hurt the heroes if they come into contact. The first secret area can be found by going underwater near a different Sharkman. Shortly after, the heroes will go underwater. They need to be careful of the pipes that can crush them and the bullets being shot from an opening. The second Skull Coin is under a Dark Sentry and three underwater mines. Then, red bullets that act like homing missiles appear. The heroes need to be quick as they continue to swim. The second secret area is located behind a fake foreground wall. The door is to the right of the second secret area.

Queen Teensie area

The players need to swim behind a strange sea creature that will block the dangerous lights of the Dark Sentries in order to reach the cage at the end.

King Teensie area

The heroes must get onto a the moveable platforms and maneuver to avoid the multiple Dark Sentries.

Area 4

Gandalf grants the team the power to use the Blue Punch as they jump on another pipe that acts like an elevator. Another ambush from the Underwater Toads commence. Dark Sentries now will appear during the fight. The heroes must survive until they reach the door.

Area 5

The gang easily spots the fourth Dark Teensy tormenting a girl Teensie. When the Dark Teensy notices the heroes from behind, he straps the girl to his mechanical vehicle and rides away. The team must follow them, with the Blue Punch power-up. The area is straightforward; Sharkmen and Underwater Toads appear as they advance.

Area 6

The heroes find the Dark Teensy again. They now must hurry while they chase him. Dangers underwater like red bullets and mines stand in the team's way. Back on dry land in the base, the girl Teensie pokes the Dark Teensy's nose and escapes. The level is completed after the Dark Teensy yells and goes away.

Elevator Ambush - Invaded
Elevator Ambush - Invaded
World 20,000 Lums Under the Sea

RL-Teensy.png 3

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This level is invaded by enemies from Olympus Maximus. It features Minotaurs standing on shields, flameballs, flame tentacles and homing swords near the end.

It is unlocked once the original level is completed and if the player goes far enough in Olympus Maximus.

In this level, the player(s) starts from the lowest level of the first elevator in the original level, and has to reach the top of it. While the elevator doesn't work upwards, there is wind blowing upwards; the player(s) must use it to fly to the finish line, avoiding flameballs, flame tentacles and Minotaurs.

The player(s) are given at the beginning of the level the Blue Punches by Gandalf.


  • On the background, Minotaurs invaded the rooms of the underwater base. In the Wii U version, on multiplayer only, the player controlling Murfy can tap them in order to get extra Lums.

Name in other languages

  • French : Ascenseurs sans fin
  • Spanish : Emboscada en el ascensor
  • German : Aufzug-Attacke
  • Italian : Imboscata da ascensore
  • Dutch : In de lift
  • Japanese : W4-5 「待ちうける災難」

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