Enter the New Hero!

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Enter the New Hero! was a four-panel comic that was based on Rayman 2's launch in Japan. It is currently known to have been published in Monthly Corocoro magazine's May 2002 edition. It had a typical manga artstyle with Rayman's design being relatively close to that of the cancelled Rayman prototype, with the exception of his shirt colour being blue to match the hue difference used in the Japanese version of Rayman 2. It is unknown if more pages were created and launched.


For a better understanding of the 4koma it must be read from the right to the left given the Japanese provenance of the comic strip. The following translation obeys to that same order.


  • By Yoshikazu Hori ; Enter the New Hero

Panel 1

  • Rayman? Never heard of him. What's he like?
  • (Board) "Japan welcomes Rayman!"
  • (Onomatopoeia) Twitch

Panel 2

  • Me? Why, I'm very handsome and popular with the ladies!
  • (Onomatopoeia) Whoosh
  • Wah!

Panel 3

  • Also, I'm a hero of justice, and super powerful!
  • (Onomatopoeia) Boing
  • Well that's nothing new...

Panel 4

  • Headshot!!
  • (Onomatopoeia) Whzz
  • This is definitely new...!


Hori Yoshikazu was credited for both the writing and the illustration of the comic.

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