Fire Lum

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A Fire Lum

Fire Lums are scrapped subspecies of Lums that were intended to appear in Rayman Origins. They share several physical features from the regular lums: Long arms, short legs, big eyes and three protruding round teeth. However, they are red in colour, with a flaming head and don't bear wings. There's no information about them, as there are no gameplay videos or trailers featuring them. The artwork of a Fire Lum made its first appearance in the background of the official website, and made a new appearance in the remade launch lite, along with other scrapped characters like the Photographer, the Piranhas and the Soldiers. Their mischievous grin indicates that possibly they were intended to be enemies. It is also possible that Fire Lums were turned into regular Lums with the also scrapped Propeller ability.

Similar red lums are present within the files for the two mobile Rayman games: Fiesta Run and Jungle Run. Despite being updated with Legends-style smoothing, they are not used in either version. Their sprites depict an odd pose in which they strike a peace sign in front of the camera.