First Ruins

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First Ruins
First Ruins
← N/A Nebulous Tower
League The Beginner League
League Cup 1 (Beginner), Cup 5 (Pro)

Lums 42 Popolopoi 30

First Ruins is the first Beginner race course in Rayman M.


This level, along with the other racing courses in the Beginner League, is based on the spooky levels of Rayman 2 such as the Tomb of the Ancients, though it has a lot of slippery wet areas for the characters to slide on. In this level there are lots of different routes and shortcuts, in which a large majority of people will not discover immediately since it is the first race. This includes one route which is blocked off by a box; this box needs to be shot four times in order for it to be cleared.

The Popolopoï mode for this level is unlocked when the player wins at least two courses in the Beginner mode, which can be completed in any order.




First Ruins in the menu of Rayman Rush.

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