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Rayman riding a flying shell on the Prison Ship.

Flying shells are missiles in Rayman 2 which allow Rayman to fly in the air. They are only found in the Buccaneer, except for in Rayman Revolution where one appears in Rainbow Creek after Rayman frees the prisoners from the Prison Ship.


A flying shell is a missile which, unlike normal Shells, can fly. They also don't need to be tamed and seem to show a certain liking towards Rayman as can be seen in the final battle where one comes up and helps him fight the Grolgoth. When controlling a flying shell, the player can stabilize it by holding the strafing button. This does however not work on the Nintendo 3DS version. In Rayman Revolution there is an error in the cutscenes which shows the flying shell with a grey color and looks like the flying shell from the Prison Ship level. During the battle, it is yellow, like the common walking shells.

During the development of Rayman 2, the flying shell didn't exist at first, being originally a walking shell running on the ceiling.[1]


Flying shells appear in all versions of Rayman 2. Their primary appearance is on the Prison Ship and the final battle on the Crow's Nest. In Rayman Revolution one also appears in Rainbow Creek. In the Playstation version the flying shell has a different functionality during the final battle.

A flying shell.
Flying shells are generated by mechanical dispensers.
A flying shell during the final battle in the Playstation version.


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