Four Masks of Polokus

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The Four Masks, from left to right: Water, Earth, Fire and Air.
To be warned of any problems that might occur, Polokus sent magic masks to the four corners of the world. Before leaving, he explained to the fairies that reuniting all four masks would be all it would take to bring him back. Since he didn't want to be called back by just anybody, Polokus created fierce Guardians to protect the masks, giving them all hidden weaknesses that only a true warrior could discover and use...
These magic masks were hidden inside secret and mysterious sanctuaries. The ancient legends say that whoever can reunite the four can awaken mighty Polokus...
—Manual, Rayman 2

The Four Masks of Polokus are a group of magical masks that appear in Rayman 2. Long ago, the god Polokus left the Glade of Dreams, but first he created the four masks and hid them away in secret Sanctuaries. When Rayman rescues Ly the Fairy near the beginning of the game, she relates the story of the Polokus, telling him that he must retrieve the four masks if they are to have any hope of defeating the Robo-Pirate army. Each Sanctuary is protected by a Guardian, who was instructed by Polokus to ward off any intruders that attempt to steal them. The fourth mask is not protected by a Guardian in most versions, and is instead found by a helpful baby Globox in the Iron Mountains. The Guardians were omitted in Rayman 2 Forever, the Game Boy Color version.

The pillar containing the first Mask of Polokus.
In the PlayStation version, the Hall of Doors is divided into four Mask-specific sections by large physical doors.

Each of the Four Masks of Polokus is contained within a four-sided pillar at the end of its Sanctuary; each side of these pillars is decorated by the same ‘O’-shaped symbol found on Rayman's chest. When Rayman approaches these pillars, a beam of energy connects his symbol with one of the ones on the pillar, causing the pillar to open, and the Mask to rise out of it for Rayman to collect. When Rayman takes hold of one of the Masks, he is teleported to Polokus, who takes the Mask from him and affixes it to one of the four sides of the pillar he is standing on (this pillar looks the same as the ones the Masks are found in). When all four Masks are attached to Polokus's pillar, the pillar spins rapidly, transforming into a gas-like substance. When Rayman steps into this at Polokus's instruction, he is transported to the Prison Ship. Then, the pillar resolidifies under the newly-awakened Polokus, but the Four Masks are nowhere to be seen.

In the Sega Dreamcast version, the player can gain access to the Globox Disc minigame in the Globox Village by collecting the Glob Crystals. Entering the Globox Disc minigame causes a short cutscene to play: Globox and Uglette are watching as their children play; the First and Third Masks are visible on wooden sticks in the background; the other two Masks are presumably also in the area. A male baby Globox accidentally drops the Third Mask into a pool of water; this causes a Globox-shaped statue to rise out of the pool. The statue opens its mouth and sinks back into the pool, leaving behind the Globox Disc on which the babies play the ‘Game of the Gods’.

In Rayman M, the bonus arena level Spooky Towers features an enormous carving of the third Mask of Polokus. It adorns the top of the tower that stands in the centre of the level.


Mask Guardian Location (original versions) Location (PlayStation version) Location (PlayStation 2 version) Location (Game Boy Color version)
First Axel The Sanctuary of Water and Ice Whale Bay The Lost Island Whale Bay
Second Umber The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire The Canopy
Third Foutch Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava Beneath the Sanctuary of Lava Echoing Caves
Fourth Grolem 13 (Revolution only) The Iron Mountains The Gloomy Island The Iron Mountains Sanctuary of Rock and Lava

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