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Garish Gears
Garish Gears
Swamps of Begoniax Hoodlum Hideout
Forgotten Forests

Lums 0 Cages 0

Garish Gears is the fourth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3, and is the first to contain a boss. Based solely on the machine that powers the electric forcefield in which Ly the Fairy was held captive at the Fairy Glade in Rayman 2, it has to be struck with kegs three times and it shoots out pirate bombs. It is found in the Forgotten Forests on the World Map.


Rayman will find a keg dispenser behind him when he enters this area, and comes face to face with this familiar machine. In a similar fashion, he has to carry a keg right up to it and toss it at one of the three clogs that power it, while tossing the keg upwards in order to free his hands and shoot any bombs that come his way. When the machine is destroyed, Ly will grant Rayman the power to hang onto Purple Lums, also reminiscent to the events that took place in the Fairy Glade.

As this level contains a boss, there are no cages or Yellow Lums here.

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