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[[fr:Espèce de Globox]]
[[fr:Espèce de Globox]]
[[pl:Rasa Globoxa]]
[[pl:Rasa Globoxa]]
[[es:Especie de Globox]]
[[ru:Вид Глобокса]]
[[ru:Вид Глобокса]]

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Globox's species is an unnamed race of amphibious creatures native to the Glade of Dreams.

The most notable member of the species is Rayman's best friend, Globox. Together with his wife, Uglette, he has over 650 children – collectively known as the baby Globoxes. According to the Knowledge of the World in Rayman 2, the god Polokus used his sense of humour when creating the Globox family. There is also a mysterious identity known as the Father of all the Globox that shares very similar physical attributes.

Physiologically, the members of the species bear a resemblance to frogs and toads – in Rayman 3, the Knaaren king Gumsi mistakenly refers to Globox as a toad. Adult members are fat, wide mouths, large eyes, lanky arms, and feet which seem to be connected directly to the body (or sometimes float disconnectedly, like those of Rayman himself). Baby members resemble their adult counterparts, but are much shorter and rounder. Globox is blue in colour, with white hands and belly. His wife Uglette is pink, her hands and belly also white. The vast majority of the 650 baby Globoxes resemble miniature versions of their parents – male babies are blue and white, like Globox, and female babies are pink and white, like Uglette. However, several of the baby Globoxes do not follow this trend, and bear colours which mark them as different from their siblings: Bimbette is a vibrant pink, Brainox is white, Catastrox is red, Hardrox is black and Oktette is orange.

List of the known members from the species

Statues located in the Olympus Maximus represent members of the Globox's species


  • The names of males generally end with ‘–ox’, while the names of females generally end with ‘–ette’.