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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins
Location Mystical Pique

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Resistance 3 HP
Attacks Moving up and down

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Species Stone man

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The Golem is the boss of the Mystical Pique, a world in Rayman Origins. He is fought in the level Golly G. Golem.

A gigantic statue of living rock, the Golem is only ever seen from the chest up. Fought inside a chamber in the mountain, the Golem is limited to moving his body up and down, and can only hurt the heroes by causing them to come into contact with the Darkroots that surround him. He is essentially an oversized version of the stone men, much like Mr Stone in the original Rayman game. The connection between the two bosses, if any, is unclear. It is not known if the Golem has any allegiance with the Livid Dead or the Magician. Once he is defeated, he simply falls to pieces, much like the bosses in the original game; unlike the other Rayman Origins bosses, he does not revert to a benevolent form.

In an E3 trailer for Rayman Origins, Rayman and Globox can be seen fighting a green, mossy version of the Golem. The cover of the game still features this early design for the character.

The early version of the Golem, as seen in the E3 trailer.
The Golem with one hit-point remaining.