Gong (Rayman 3)

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A Knaaren striking a gong, which attracts others of its kind to the area
The Gong emits a sound like the frightened scream of a helpless baby Glute. The Knaarens, who're always keen to punish the little ones, can't resist its call.
—Official description, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Gongs can be found in the tunnels beneath the Desert of the Knaaren. When hit with a Shock Rocket, the gong makes a sound that is said to imitate a frightened scream of a helpless baby Glute. The Knaaren that dwell in the tunnels are unable to resist this noise and immediately run towards the gong to find the baby and punish it. This gives Rayman a chance to run past the distracted Knaaren and enter the next part of the level.