Gong Heights

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Gong Heights (French: Gongs CélestesCelestial Gongs) is the third level in Band Land, the second world of the original Rayman game. It is one of the shortest levels in the game, consisting of only two parts.

Monks are useful allies

Part 1

This level is set over a giant void high up in the sky, and Rayman must use the giant Monks, who hold bongos or crystal balls which Rayman use as platforms.

PC version

PS version

Rayman is pursued by a lethal and invisible force

Part 2

There are many clouds in this section, where Rayman must avoid the bolts of electricity shot by the lightning eyes. It is snowing, and Rayman must not stop until he reaches the end of the level, as an invisible force kills him if the edge of the screen catches up with him.

PC version

PS version

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