Gourmand Land

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Promotional screenshot of Gourmand Land, showing Rayman and Globox rescuing Betilla instead of Edith Up.

The Gourmand Land, later revisited as the Luscious Lakes, is the third world in Rayman Origins and the world where the majority of levels from Rayman Fiesta Run take place. This world is composed of two areas; the first is Frosty Delights, an outside icy place filled with water. The second is the Infernal Kitchen, full of cooking elements and flames. It partially resembles Candy Château, a world from the original Rayman game. It is also possible these areas are inspired by the Glacier Cocktail level from Tonic Trouble.


Frosty Delights

Frosty Delights is a gigantic icy landscape which features cocktail elements such as giant orange slices, ponds of red fruit cocktail and frozen food. Certain parts of the water in this area are dangerous, filled with baby Piranhas. Sometimes the icy platforms will crumble. The name "Frosty Delights" was first discovered from pre-release material of the game.

Infernal Kitchen

The second area of Gourmand Land is referred to as the Infernal Kitchen in pre-release material, an underground fiery area which aesthetic is inspired by several Mexican stereotypes like spicy food, mariachi music and piñatas. The basic structure of this area are pipes that can sometimes sink in bodies of fire that are also common.

In Rayman Origins

Gourmand Land
Gourmand Land
Desert of Dijiridoos Sea of Serendipity
Connected to Luscious Lakes

Gourmand Land

The Gourmand Land is populated by a group of wild Dragons, which work for the king of the area, El Stomacho. While the Frosty Delights area is protected by a group of fancy but dangerous Baby Dragon Waiters, the Infernal Kitchen is protected by violent red Baby Dragon Chefs. The Infernal Kitchen also contains fire elements consisting of unstable flames. This world is where Rayman and friends learn to use the ability to shrink, the third permanent power of the game, by saving the Gourmet Nymph named Edith Up from a Darktoon. The characters have to make their way through a surreal environment made of food and cooking materials.


Luscious Lakes
Luscious Lakes
Grumbling Grottos Angsty Abyss
Connected to Gourmand Land

Luscious Lakes

In order to save one of the Four Kings, El Stomacho, the heroes must enter Luscious Lakes. This place, like the Gourmand Land, is sepereated by the Frosty Delights and Infernal Kitchen. More spiky oranges appear in this world and grow to be gruesome. When they encounter El Stomacho, they will fight him in his own heartburn.


Gourmand Land
Gourmand Land
Desert of Dijiridoos Sea of Serendipity
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In Rayman Legends

Gourmand Land returns as a world in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends. The levels from Gourmand Land and Luscious Lakes fuse together into one world with some levels, such as the Electoon stages, not being present. The levels themselves mostly remain the same, with some graphical updates. The Magician's hat has however been removed from the levels and some levels have been made easier. Dashing Thru the Snow is known in the game as Dashing Through the Snow.


In Rayman Fiesta Run

A lot of levels in Rayman Fiesta Run take place in Gourmand Land.

Other appearances

Globox in Gourmand Land in the game Slap, Flap and Go.

Gourmand Land also appears in the online flash game Slap, Flap and Go.