Grolem 13

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Grolem 13
Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman Revolution
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Sex Male
Species grolem
Status Guardian

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Grolem 13 (Bigum Aerum Tornadus Recyclus) is a boss exclusive to Rayman Revolution, located at the end of the Iron Mountains. He is the fourth and last guardian of the Four Masks of Polokus in Rayman Revolution. He fires icicles, tornados, and thunderclouds. Rayman has to shoot cloulds to create a giant thunderstorm to damage Grolem 13, in order to get the final mask. The battle with Grolem 13 replaces the pirate ship part at the Iron Mountains.


Grolem 13 is very similar to Axel as he has the same colour skin and the same body patterns on his skin. But he is larger in size and has a tongue sticking out of his mouth, unlike Axel who shows sharp, spiky teeth.


Once Grolem 13 sees Rayman, he shoots a tornado at him sending Rayman to fly with his helicopter power. Grolem 13 constantely shoots clouds at Rayman, but if Rayman shoots the cloud, it goes above Grolem 13's head. When more clouds are above his head, they will start to get darker until it is large enough to send thunder down onto him, hurting him. This process repeats until this has happened three times, defeating Grolem 13. His second attack is the same as Axel's attack, which is throwing icicles at Rayman. He also throws boulders at Rayman which break up into smaller, yet still large boulders, making it hard for Rayman to dodge them. His last attack, usually after he has thrown the boulders, he will put his arms in front of him and charge towards Rayman, hoping to hit him.