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General's picture of Grolgoth

The Grolgoth is a giant robot which Razorbeard uses to put a stop to Rayman at the Crow's Nest. It is also the final boss of Rayman 2 and the GBA version of Rayman 3.


At a very late point in Rayman 2, Razorbeard is visited by a General (also known from another Ubisoft game called 'Tonic Trouble') who advertises the Grolgoth and it's functions to him. The Admiral pictures the contraption with Rayman in its deadly grasp and killing him, and decides to buy it from the General. He then prepares for his attack while Rayman is going through the Prison Ship. It is a large machine that is basicly made of a large, orange and red tube or 'can', having bendable arms and legs, similar to the Robo-Pirates. The top of the 'can', can extend from the body and reveal an entrance to this robotic marvel. At the bottom is located a chair, from which Razorbeard is controlling the machine. At its right hand, it has a cannon, which fires propelling bombs, that Rayman will have to shoot back at the Grolgoth to hurt it. The other hand, has a hook, which appearently doesnt see any use in the battle. It can also shoot large energy balls from its feet. According to the General, "It does everything, except the dishes".

Final Battle, First Phase

Razorbeard Places the Grolgoth at the top of the Buccaneer's mast. He also places Globox, dangling from a large elevators antenna. Before Razorbeard shoots Globox down, Rayman appears through the elevater, stating that Razorbeard shall leave Globox alone. Razorbeard takes advantage of Rayman's position and shoots down the elevator. As Razorbeard believes himself victorious, Rayman pulls himself back up on the platform and ensures that Globox is alive as well. Then the fight begins...

The Grolgoth is immune to Rayman's shots, and starts with heavy attacks such as shooting homing bombs, fast energy balls and trying to jump on Rayman, squashing him. Rayman will have to shoot the homing bombs back on the Grolgoth, but straight on, otherwise the Grolgoth will evade them.

Final Battle, Phase Two

The final encounter.

After Rayman has hit the Grolgoth three times, a cutscene starts where Razorbeard tries to make the Grolgoth do a far jump and squash Rayman, but appearently jumps too short and ruins the platform on which the fight is sequensed. Both Rayman and Razorbeard falls down into what has to be the ships engine, filled with boiling lava.

Rayman is being saved by Ly, who sends an energy ball to pick up Rayman in mid air, and transporting him safely to a small pipe, pointing out of the lava, on which a friendly, Flying Shell appearently has been stationed. Ly's face appears in a window of energy, where she tells Rayman that Polokus has eliminated the Robo-Pirates on land and that the slaves has escaped (with the help of Rayman, seen in the PS1, PS2 and Dreamcast version of the game). Rayman discovers that Razorbeard survived the fall, hanging between two pipes going up one of the engines walls.

Rayman flies on the Shell, both having to find ammo hidden inside the engine and avoid homing energy balls, Razorbeard shoots after Rayman. Rayman must use the ammo to shoot energy balls at the Grolgoth's hands, to make it slip and fall into the lava. when the Grolgoth is lying in the lava, it loses an amount of health, but the metal also heats up, making the hull voulnable to Rayman's ammo. Should Rayman get hit just once, his Shell will explode and the battle begins a new from phase 2. When Razorbeard reaches 20% health, he will climp to the top of the engine and raise the level of lava. When Razorbeard's health reaches 0, the Grolgoth brakes and falls into the lava. Razorbeard crawls out, apparently 'wearing' an escape pod. Before abandoning the Buccaneer, he says: "I've saved one last little surprise for you", and triggers a bomb-counter at the Grolgoth's control panel. Razorbeard escapes and Rayman barely has time to react before the ship explodes.

PS1 Version

In the PS1 version of Rayman 2, the second phase is extremely different from the other versions. After the cutscene where Rayman and Razorbeard falls into down to the engine, Rayman will still fly a missile, but now through a long pipe, with controls limited to 2D movement. The Grolgoth as well will be flying backwards, facing Rayman. Rayman can shoot normally from the missile, but his shots only hurts Razorbeard to lose about 0,5% health. Razorbeard will either shoot slow moving energy balls, that Rayman must avoid, or propelling bombs after Rayman, that he again must shoot back at the Grolgoth. Should Rayman get hit, he will not die, but lose health as normal. Everytime Razorbeard has fired 6 propelling bombs, he will cast a number of mines, filling 90% of the screen. Rayman must find a spot to pass through without getting hit. After the Grolgoth has reached 30% health, it begins to cast homing missiles, that will fly towards Rayman. Rayman must dodge them, where after they will appear behind him, still homing, and Rayman has to point himself (and the homing missile) towards Razorbeard, so that the homing missile will hit the Grolgoth. Razorbeard can avoid the missiles if they are too far to the sides of the Grolgoth. When Razorbeard's health reaches 0, the final cutscene begins as normal.


In PC and PS2 versions of Rayman 2 there is one mayor error with phase two: the location is too small. In the cutscene, the place was giant, and Grolgoth was very big as well (as it should be). Bot Rayman and the Missile was small enough to stand on the sticking pipe. After te beginning of the battle, this same pipe was even smaller (in width) than Rayman, and the Grolgoth was suddently half the size, than in the cutscene. In the cutscene, that shows after defeating the Grolgoth, Rayman, and the Missile are again smaller than Razorbeard and the Grolgoth.

In Rayman: Revolution there is another glitch: in cutscenes, Missile has gray color and look like this flying one from The Prison Ship level. In battle, it has yellow collor, like common Walking Shell.