Heavy Metal Fist

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This gives each fist a Superpower: you can wipe out an enemy with a single blow and even break down doors.
This will turn Rayman's fist into a devastating, door-smashing, enemy-bashing wrecking ball.
The Heavy Metal Fist combat fatigue

The Heavy Metal Fist is a temporary power used on several occasions by Rayman in Rayman 3. It is provided by the Laser-Washing Powder red cans and makes Rayman's fist twice as strong, in a similar fashion to Golden Fists in Rayman and Power Fists in Rayman 2. It lasts 12.5 seconds.

This power-up is also present in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge, in which it is provided by yellow cans and changes Rayman's colour scheme to a purple tone. It is notably used to destroy the Infernal Machine.

In an ad for Rayman 3, Rayman can be seen using the Heavy Metal Fist without changing his clothes.

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The Heavy Metal Fist in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge


During the third segment of Clearleaf Forest there is a Heavy Metal Fist which, when picked up, will show the animation of Rayman receiving the power which usually only plays the first time the player comes across the power-up. However, by this point, Rayman will have used the Heavy metal Fist several times.

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