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This help page will show you how to upload and use images in RayWiki.

How to use images

  • First, you can look for a picture either on another page, the Image List or the Gallery of new files; before uploading a new picture please make sure that it has not already been uploaded here to avoid duplication.
  • To add a new image, now go to Upload File page. Please note that files should not have special characters in the filename (eg. "&", "+" etc.) as these can ruin the URLs and make them unusable.
  • Once this image is uploaded, you use the following codes when placing it in a relevant page:
[[Image:Image name.png|thumb|Caption goes here]]

This will create a thumbnail of the image that is 180px wide and floats to the right. For different positions, sizes and the like, you can control these with the following parameters:


For a 100px wide thumbnail. For this parameter you specify the width of the pixels.


For a thumbnail that floats to the left. Parameters available are right, center or left.

For this moment, thumbed images doesn't work on the spot. They will work only after some time.