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From left to right: Hoodboom, Hoodstormer, Grim Keeper, Grim, Hoodblaster, Hoodoo, and Xowar (the latter is not a Hoodlum).

The Hoodlums are members of an enemy species that are introduced in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. They are the product of a cluster of Black Lums that had stripped the fur of several animals and created all sorts of textile materials to hide their inner contents. They are often found sporting an assortment of weapons and powers, ranging from shotguns to bottles of plum juice used as grenades, and come in many shapes and sizes, as well as having special strengths and weaknesses. When each one is defeated, the Black Lum that was inside it escapes, but later on in the game they can be reverted to Red Lums and used to heal Rayman.

Video game appearances

The Hoodlum army is formed at the very beginning of Rayman 3, when a lone Red Lum is given a fright and becomes the Black Lum known as André. He proceeds to convert many other Red Lums into Black ones, and together they weave their outer bodies using the fur of several types of animals, and begin their invasion in the Fairy Council, where André was accidentally swallowed by Globox.

A Hoodmonger appears as a playable character in Rayman Kart, a spin off racing game available only for mobile phones.

Hoodlum types