Joe the Cricket

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Joe the Cricket
Joe the Cricket
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Activity Centre, Rayman Maternelle, Rayman CP
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Portrayed by Karen Craig (Rayman Activity Centre)

Sex Male
Species Cricket
Status Teacher

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He'll make you discover lots of new things: English through beautiful songs. He takes you to the islands to learn the names of fruits, animals, colours and numbers.
—Official site, Rayman Activity Centre

Joe the Cricket is a helper character who appears in Rayman Activity Centre, Rayman Maternelle and Rayman CP. Not to be mistaken for Joe the Extra-Terrestrial from the original game, Joe is a friendly cricket from Band Land. This could be explained by the fact the game appears to be set during a time when the world in peace, and therefore the inhabitants are not under the control of Mr Dark.

Role in the game

Joe can be found in a set of activities titled French Workshop (or 'English Workshop' in French versions of the game), in which he teaches the player basic French or English via songs and simple activities on various islands which make up locations from the valley. In the English version of the game, he speaks in a false French accent, while in the Rayman Accompagnement Scolaire games, he has an American accent. In Rayman CP, Rayman identifies him as one of his friends.