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This is a list of quotes from both the PC, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Game Boy Color, Sony PlayStation, Sony PlayStation 2, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS versions of Rayman 2: The Great Escape. The quotes are listed alphabetically, by character.

In the Playstation and Playstation 2 versions, voice acting was added to the cutscenes. In all other versions, gibberish sound effects, known as Raymanian, can be heard. This can be used in the Playstation 2 version as well with added voice clips.

Admiral Razorbeard

  • "What is it?"
  • "You idiotic fool! Go get him and bring him back to me! Dead or alive!"
  • "Hum… hum…"
  • "With this, I could destroy Rayman. Crush him… Smash him… I’ll take it!"
  • "Here’s your money! It’s all there, count it if you like."
  • "Come in, you useless grub!"
  • "You’ve failed me again… I warned you, didn’t I? Let’s see how well you swim in molten lava… Meanwhile, I’ll just handle this little problem myself. Prepare the Grolgoth! I know how to lure Rayman to me…"
  • "Identify target!"
  • "Now you’re alone for eternity! Ha! Ha! Ha! Huh?"
  • "Come back and fight!"
  • "I’m not afraid of you!"
  • "Ahhh…I’m slipping!"
  • "Ouch!"
  • "Have fun!"
  • "Your lava bath is ready!"
  • "Rayman! I’ve saved one little surprise for you…"


  • "Who is it that dares disturb the tranquility of this place?"
  • "Rayman? The name means nothing to me. What do you want?"
  • "How am I to know that you're not simply a thief?"
  • "Only your strength and bravery can convince me. Prepare to fight!"

Baby Globox(es)

  • "Daddy saved Rayman! Where's daddy?"
  • "No daddy Globox? We want our daddy!"
  • "The mean old Pirates took Ly over there!"
  • "Hurry up, Rayman! We want our daddy back!"
  • "Water..."
  • "Spare us..."
  • "O....Ooh"
  • "Help!"
  • "Mama?"
  • "Rayman? Did you see what I found down in the mines?"


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Carmen the Whale


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  • "Hu...hello little buddy! You wanna arm-wrestle?"
  • "I must have swallowed something bad for me. To get better, I need some Life Potion. It is hidden in the Kingdom of the Dead. It's said that the door to the Kingdom is near here. But, I'm too weak to reach it..."
  • "Tha... thanks little buddy."
  • "Yahooo! Now I can go crush a whole bunch more pirates!"
  • "Yeeeeeep!"
  • "Rayman!"
  • "Rayman! You're the best!"


  • "Yes! And you, are you Rayman? The Mask thief?!"
  • "Well I say you are a thief! A thief and a liar, to boot! Prepare to die!"


  • "Rayman?"
  • "Are you OK, Rayman?"
  • "No! Not the end! Globox bring good gift from Ly!"
  • "OK, then-break down the door with your fist."
  • "I’ll be fine! Now go!"
  • "No no! Globox not afraid!"
  • "Powers? Globox forget that!"
  • "Ly gave me Lums to make your fist stronger. Ly said: press B longer to make your shot stronger."
  • "I can’t come with you, my darling Uglette wants to see me."

Grolgoth Salesman

  • "Rayman poisoning your life? I’ve got the antidote… Equipped with the latest power booster, nothing can stop it. You can control it yourself, or put it in self-pilot. It can kill, crush, destroy, torture, pull ears… Its legs are programmed to squash fleeing victims… In short, it does everything, except the dishes… Don’t forget the name of this marvel: the Grolgoth!"
  • "Decide quickly. I have other clients waiting."
  • "You won’t regret it."
  • "Oh, I trust you!"


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Henchman 800

  • "Identification under way. Everything’s OK: it’s just a big nosed bush. Door inactivated." (In the Dreamcast version, "Door inactivated" was replaced with "Door deactivated")
  • "Warning ! Intruder... Crrr... Catch him !"


  • "Your trip ends here!"
  • "No! You can’t enter here! Only those who know the name of this place can pass. So shoo! Come back when you know the name."
  • "I can read your mind. You know the name of this place. You are now ready to enter the Cave of Bad Dreams. But, before you come in, I must tell you something… I have hidden a precious treasure inside. You can keep it for yourself, if you beat me to it. I’ll give you a head start, but don’t waste any time! If I catch you, I’ll show you no mercy…"
  • "You’ve defeated me… My treasure is yours. Take whatever you want."
  • "You made the right decision. You deserve this! Here!! This is the Elixir of Life. Guard it preciously."

Ly the Fairy

  • "Rayman, look what the pirates have done to our world...A planet of anguish and pain, haunted by evil. A dark place, teeming with fierce monsters. Nothing can stop them now that they've captured you. They've taken everything and reduced our people to slaves. The robots search for innocent prey. In the chaos, they exploded the Heart of the World. The 1000 Lums of energy which form it have been scattered. We are getting weak. Soon, it will be too late...You must escape, Rayman. You are our only hope!"
  • "Wake up, Rayman, I have sent you help..."
  • "Don’t be afraid, Rayman… I’m here!"
  • "Bravo Rayman! You were sensational! Razorbeard is nearly beaten! Thanks to you, hope has come back into our hearts. The slaves have broken their chains and escaped. On land, Polokus eliminated all the Robo-Pirates. Destroy Razorbeard, and our victory will be complete!"
  • "Oh, Rayman at last… I was afraid Globox had failed."
  • "I am too weak to give you back all your powers. They broke the primordial energy core into 1000 Lums. And combining the energy has become very difficult. But, there may be another solution… Have you ever heard of Polokus?"
  • "He’s the spirit of the world. His power are immense. He could help you defeat the pirates. Unfortunately, he has been secluded for many years. But there is a legend which says he could be awakened. If you reunite the 4 masks…"
  • "These masks are magical and very powerful. They are hidden in secret and mysterious places. Find them, Rayman! It’s our only hope. I’ll help you by giving you all the energy I’ve gathered."
  • "Rayman…I’ve got some good news and some bad news."
  • "I’ve gathered enough energy to give you another power."


  • "Hi, Rayman! Glad to see that you escaped! I'm Murfy, and I'm here to be your guide. You see that stone right next to us, there? It's a magic stone which can read your thoughts. If you need some help, pass close to a stone. And I'll quickly appear in your mind to help you. If my advice sounds confusing, come to a halt near the stone and keep {square button} pressed down. I will appear and repeat the instructions."
  • "Great! You've just set free a little Familiar Spirit. The Familiar Spirits are the friends of the fairies. When you've freed 10, a secret place will open up for you."
  • "I'll bet you'd like to know how to climb...You see those two walls? Go between them and press {cross button} to jump and {cross button} to grab on. Repeat this manoeuvre until you have reached the very top."
  • "Hey, Rayman! It's me: Murfy, your favorite instructor. I've come to supervise your first swimming lesson. This baby will show you the basic movements."
  • "Dive in and try to follow it!"
  • "Good! Now move forwards using the {analog stick}."
  • "To dive, press L2. To come up, press {cross button}."
  • "To breathe, position yourself in the air bubbles."
  • "To come out, swim towards the bank and jump."
  • "Now let's see how good you shoot. You see that scarecrow in front of us? Keep the L2 pressed to stay in front of your target. You can shoot him while moving around him."
  • "Aim at the scarecrow using L2 and shoot at him using {square button} while moving around him."
  • "Excellent Rayman! You're a real hot shot! Now go and find the Teensies in the Stone Circle on the other side of the bridge."


  • "Rayman, look what the pirates have done to our world... A planet of angish and pain, haunted by evil. A dark place, teeming with fierce monsters. Nothing can stop them now that they've captured you. They've taken everything and reduced our people to slaves. The robots search for innocent prey. In the chaos, they exploded the heart of the world. The 1000 Lums of energy which form it have been scattered. We are getting weak. Soon, it will be too late... You must escape, Rayman. You are our only hope !"
  • "The Buccaneer, the pirates' prison ship, commander: The Admiral Razorbeard. Slaves now on board: 19000"
  • "Meanwhile… The pirate prison ship. Slaves now on board: 22,730."
  • "In Razorbeard's private cabin."
  • "Meanwhile… The pirate prison ship. Slaves now on board: 33,524."
  • "Somewhere in the sky… The pirate prison ship. Slaves now on board: 45,263."
  • "Rayman, we honor you this evening. Without your courage, the enemy would still be here. Once again, the world has found harmony. The heart of the world is back together. Now rest, you may have to fight again. Who knows what tomorrow will bring..."


  • "Admiral! I have returned, with more than 5,000 slaves."
  • "Killing is a pleasure. Command, and your will shall be done..."
  • "It is as good as done."


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  • "Welcome! I am Polokus the spirit of the world. I see that you have found the first of my 4 masks. For now, I am far away and can only speak in dreams. But if you bring me the last 3 masks, I will awaken and help you to fight the Pirates. Be strong, our world’s destiny is in your hands."
  • "You have found the second mask! Good Rayman you’re getting closer to your goal! Just 2 more masks and I will awaken. Be careful, the rest of your quest will be even harder!"
  • "Congratulations, you’ve found the third mask! Just 1 more mask, and the miracle will come true. Go…quickly!"
  • "At last, the final mask… Bravo, Rayman! You’ve brought me back! The Pirates won’t last long. I will use my powers to destroy their fort. And rid the world of the robots that infest it. Alas, my powers have limits. On earth, the Lums make me invincible. But in the air, I am as vulnerable as a new-born. It’s you who will have to fight on the prison-ship. I’m going to give you maximum energy. Now, go and find Razorbeard! Go quickly, and have no fear…"


  • "Globox! My friend!"
  • "Not really...I feel weak and my powers have disappeared. You know Globox...I think this might be the end..."
  • "Ly, the Fairy? A Silver Lum! Incredible! I can feel its energy building up in me! Globox, we're saved! My fist is back to full strength! Yahoooo! Let's go see Ly! She'll give me all my powers back."
  • "Ooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaah!!"
  • "Glooboox!"
  • "Uh, that is to say, we were separated, and uh..."
  • "Now don't worry kiddies! I'll bring your dad back! But first I've got to find Ly. She likes to hang out around here. Have you seen her? What?"
  • "Hmmmm...I've got to set her free!"'
  • "Yahoo!"
  • "But..."
  • "Come on, who's the king here you guys?"
  • "Stop!"
  • "I've got to find Globox and Ly. Do you know where they are?"
  • "Clark! So it was you who wiped out all these pirates! Only 20 pirates against you? They didn't stand a chance!"
  • "Hey, you don't look so good. Are you hurt?"
  • "Near here? Hold on! I'm going to find the entrance and bring back the Elixir."
  • "Here, Clark... Here's the Elixir!"
  • "Cool! But put me down first, O.K.?"
  • "Whoooa!"
  • "Clark!"
  • "Forget it, Ssssam!"
  • "Tell me, do you know where to find the 4 masks of Polokus?"
  • "I promise I will."
  • "Me too… No time to lose!"
  • "Hmmmm. With this, I can get all the way to the mines! Don’t cry, Uglette. I’ll bring your babies back!"
  • "Look, Uglette! Here are the others!"
  • "Take the boat to go home."
  • "Why…it’s the fourth mask!!!"
  • "Leave my friend alone!"
  • "Are you O.K., Globox?"
  • "Ly…are you O.K.?"
  • "He gave me the Silver Lum. But, we got separated. I need to find him and get rid of the pirates. But, to do that, I’ll need all of my powers…"
  • "Umm…no."
  • "The 4 masks?"
  • "What’s the matter? Are you afraid?"
  • "There’s no shame in being scared, you know. The warship and the Pirates are very dangerous! Oh, if only I had more powers…"
  • "A Silver Lum!!!"
  • "Keeping B pressed makes my shot stronger! O.K.!"
  • "Yeesss! Unbelievable…it’s gold!"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "Start with the good news…"
  • "A new power? Yipiiiiie!"
  • "So, did you guys figure it out? Are you the real king?"


  • "Warning! This is unknown territory. Tourism may be hazardous."
  • "Free dumping for anyone who can figure out how to open the door."
  • "Military Academy. Please respect the need for total silence for the cadet's concentration."
  • "Elite Troop Training Center. Danger!"
  • "Imprisoned here is public enemy no 2. His raindance led to the rusting of several brave Robo-Pirate comrades."
  • "Warning, labyrinth! If you get lost, contact Robo-Rooters immediately!"
  • "Clark was captured here before being brought to the technical check-up."
  • "Technical Check-up."
  • "Lums Radar. Works with R2."

Spyglass Pirate

  • "Your ferocity…he…he…already has 2 masks."
  • "Rayman has the 4 masks and he is on the ship."


  • "How can I ever thank you?"
  • "Ah, I forgot how good it feels to stretch out. Senssssational!"
  • "Sorry, Rayman, I don’t know what you’re talking about… But I did see Globox get captured by 2 pirates. They took him somewhere out beyond the marshes. If you like, I can help you get over to the other side. You can grab onto my scarf by shooting at it. Then press A to jump and Z to speed up. Come on, let’s go!"
  • "Rayman? So long… Come and see me again if you can."
  • "I will miss you, my friend."

Stones of Thought

  • "Press {cross button} to jump and {square button} or {circle button} to shoot. Keep {square button} pressed down and I'll come back."
  • "Rotate the camera with L1, R1, place the camera behind you with L2, look with L1+R1."
  • "Here is one of the 1000 Lums that formed the Heart of the World. Find all of them!"
  • "When in the air, press {cross button} to activate your helicopter and {cross button} again to stop it."
  • "Hang onto the walls whenever you can."
  • "To climb between two walls, press {cross button} several times in succession."


  • "Splendid, Rayman! I'm king of the Teensies, and I want to congratulate you on your courage."
  • "Don't listen to him! I'm the king of the Teensies!"
  • "No! I'm the real king!"
  • "Yeah really it's me!"
  • "Me"
  • "Me"
  • "Me"
  • "Me"
  • "Me, me!!! No me"
  • "Erm...What I have to say is really, dreadful...The pirates have thrown Ly and Globox into prison. But don't worry. All is not lost, because using the energy from the five Lums you picked up. We can send you to the Front, where the pirates are...When you're there, look for the Teensies' Circle. We'll be waiting for you there with all the latest news by the way before being captured, Ly left behind a Silver Lum. From now on you'll be able to shoot with your fist. Now, get ready for the great journey..."
  • "Prepare yourself to discover a new world."
  • "Come on! Don’t be shy!"
  • "Welcome back, Rayman!"


  • "My babies… My babies… It’s horrible… The pirates have taken all of my babies! They’ve imprisoned them in cages and in the mines. My darling Globox tried to stop them…but the pirates have captured him, too…and they’ve taken him to their prison ship."
  • "My baby!"
  • "Oh…thank you!"
  • "Good luck, Rayman!"


  • "It is an honour to serve a hero such as yourself...I have to warn you: a group of killers is hot on your trail. I have deciphered their auras. They are Ninja Henchmen..."
  • "They are very dangerous...but they have one weakness. Their hooks are heavy and difficult to use."
  • "You’re welcome, Rayman. Take care!"