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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman, Rayman Raving Rabbids (Game Boy Advance), Rayman Origins
Location The Dream Forest, Forest world

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Resistance 2 HP
Attacks Contact, hat-throw

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A typical Livingstone, as seen in the original Rayman game

Livingstones, also known as Lividstones or Explorators, are the most common enemies found in the Dream Forest, the first land visited in the original Rayman game. They also appear in the Forest world in the Game Boy Advance adaptation of Rayman Raving Rabbids, and will return in the upcoming Rayman Origins.

In the original game, Livingstones are averagely-resistant enemies who freely wander on their platform, turning backwards when they face an obstacle. Rayman must simply avoid contact with them. If not eliminated in one hit, they go crazy and start running until they fall into water.

Besides Rayman's fists, there are two other ways to get rid of them. The first one is pulling a grimace, which frightens them and makes them run as if they had been punched non-fatally. The second one is throwing a plum at their head. They then appear to become drowsy or intoxicated but continue walking as usual, allowing Rayman to jump onto the plum and use the Livingstone as a walking platform to reach higher places.

Livingstones go crazy when they are punched non-fatally or subjected to a grimace
A Livingstone, after having a plum stuck on his head by Rayman
The plum-posts in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc bear images of Livingstones, in reference to their role in the original Rayman game

Another variety of Livingstones can be encountered: these small Livingstones are, as their name implies, shorter than standard Livingstones, but they are also more aggressive in their attempts to hurt Rayman, and are also more adept at dodging blows from his telescopic fist.

In Rayman 3, Rayman must occasionally throw a plum onto a post to create a platform in order to progress. These posts bear images of Livingstones on them, in reference to the role they played in the original Rayman game.

File:Livingstone in Rayman Origins.jpg
The Livingstones are given a new look in Rayman Origins.

The Dream Forest's introductory image shows a Livingstone carrying a cage.

Livingstones also appear in the Game Boy Advance adaptation of Rayman Raving Rabbids, in the Forest world. There, they are capable of throwing their hats as an attack, and wear a different outfit.

Livingstones will return as enemies in the upcoming prequel, Rayman Origins now with the name of Lividstones. Like the other returning Rayman characters, they have been redesigned, and now have limbs (rendering Rayman himself unique), visible mouth and resembling zombies. Their role as enemies is completely different compared to Rayman 1, being much weaker than their limb-less predecessors. They're vulnerable to almost every kind of attack, and don't go crazy but turn into bubbles when hit. Although Lividstones can't be frightened, characters can remove their clothes by using the blowing attack, exposing their pink boxers. They're revealed to have an obsession with bullying Lums, picking their faces, playing basketball with their bodies and using their heads as deodorant. They are also revealed to be the lackeys of the Hunters. The smaller variant of Lividstones can't be seen in this game, but there are different kinds of lividstones, some of them holding bamboo sticks to attack the characters, and others with spikes on their hats to avoid being crushed.