Ly's Challenges

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Ly's Challenges is a subset of the mini-games in Rayman Revolution, which are offered to Rayman by Ly the Fairy, if he visits her in one of the three locations - Ly's House in The Minisaurus Plain, Ly's Stele in Globox's House or Ly's Cave in Rainbow Creek.

Each of the challenges requires Rayman to collect a certain number of Red Lums, competing against time, obstacles or enemies. Collecting all the lums constitutes a completion of that challenge, and Ly will award Rayman by permanently extending his life bar. Contrary to normal levels, all lums must be collected in a single playthrough - failing to complete the course, or completing it without all the lums will require Rayman to start over from 0 lums.

The challenges are unlocked incrementally in the course of the game, as Rayman frees Familiar Spirits from Cages. For every 10 spirits freed, a new challenge is offered, in the following order:

Once they become available, the challenges can be played and replayed any time and in any order, to improve the time or score, but each of them will only grant Rayman one life bar extension, upon first completion.