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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman 2, M, 3, Raving Rabbids (GBA)
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Sex Female
Species Fairy
Status Power provider

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Ly the Fairy (pronounced 'Lee', apart from Germany where her name is pronounced 'Lie') is a character in the Rayman universe who first appeared in Rayman 2.


Ly appears to be a humanoid with elven ears, a very thin build, green lips that match the colour of her eyes and short purple hair. Interestingly she also appears to have feline features, such as her bushy tail which is the same colour as her hair. She is mostly seen wearing a yellow catsuit covered with purple stripes.


Ly's role in Rayman 2 is much like that of Betilla the Fairy in the original Rayman - at certain points of the game she would provide you with permanent powers that make Rayman stronger, provided you free her from her prison at an early point in the game. Though she spends a lot of her time meditating, Ly sometimes challenges Rayman to a race through the bonus stages, the "Walk of Life" and "Walk of Power", in which she played as a guide rather than a competitor, meaning you didn't have to beat her.

Other Appearances

Ly makes small cameos in a number of games in the Rayman series other than Rayman 2.

  • Rayman M: In a later arena in the Battle Mode called Ly's Palace, an ice sculpture of Ly is found the centre of the room. She also appeared in a few advertisements before the game was released, and even on the back of the final European Rayman M cover, though she doesn't appear as a character in the game at all.
  • Rayman 3: In a stage in the Longest Shortcut, another statue of Ly is hidden behind a painting. However, in the GBA version of Rayman 3, she appears as a character playing the same role as a powers provider as in Rayman 2, though instead of having a tail, she has a large ponytail.
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids (GBA): Surprisingly, Ly makes her most recent cameo in the Gameboy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, though her appearance had changed. Her hair is curlier than before and is again in a ponytail, has sky blue lipstick, and her catsuit has a cut that reveals her shoulders.