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[[Category:Collectibles from Rayman 1]]
[[Category:Collectibles from Rayman 1]]
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Rayman recovers the Magic Book of Knowledge at the end of Mr Dark's Lair
Mr Dark stealing the Magic Book of Knowledge, as seen in the Rayman Junior intro sequence

The Magic Book of Knowledge is a magic book which appears only in Rayman Junior. It apparently holds the answers to every question in the whole of Rayman's world. It is guarded by the Magician, who keeps it in his cottage. It Rayman Junior, which is set after the events of the original game, Mr Dark returns and stolen the Magic Book of Knowledge. The Magician and Betilla the Fairy then send Rayman on a quest to recover it. Rayman eventually finds it in Mr Dark's Lair, the game's final level.

In English with Rayman, the Magic Book of Knowledge is replaced by a magic formula which the Magician receives from his cousin, Andrew.