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[[fr:Puits magique]]
[[fr:Puits magique]]
[[pl:Magiczny Krąg]]
[[pl:Magiczny Krąg]]
[[es:Pozo Mágico]]
{{Rayman 2}}
{{Rayman 2}}
[[Category:Places from Rayman 2|Magic Well, The]]
[[Category:Places from Rayman 2|Magic Well, The]]

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The Magic Well is like an item shop.

Magic Wells are locations exclusive to Rayman Revolution, in which there is one in each hub level. They consist of a hole in the ground with a starry void inside, akin to that at the end of the Woods of Light where the Grand Minimus created a Spiral Door leading to the Hall of Doors. Guarded by a Grand Minimus, it is where Rayman can use the Yellow Lums he has collected throughout the game to buy accumulative powers or bonus mini-games. Initially, all of the powers are available, though the mini-games will only appear once Rayman has purchased all of the powers. Once each of the mini-games are bought, they can either be accessed here or upon loading a game after starting the system.

List of items available

Item name Price in Yellow Lums Description
Rebound 1
Allows the shot to bounce off the walls.
Rebound 2
Allows the shot to bounce off of both the walls and Robo-Pirates.
Rate of Fire
Enables Rayman to use both his hands to shoot, doubling the rate of fire.
Accumulation 1
Allows Rayman to charge up and throw a more powerful shot
Accumulation 2
Increases the power of a charged shot so that it damages all enemies in range.
Run with Load
Enables Rayman to run faster while carrying a heavy object, such as a plum or a keg.
BDisc (Globox Disc)
Unlocks the Globox Disc minigame.
Unlocks the Missile Dogfight minigame.
BBFoot (Baby Football)
Unlocks the Baby Football minigame.