Mecha Carnivora

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Mecha Carnivora
Mecha Carnivora
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Fiesta Run
Location Moody Clouds, Gourmand Land

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Resistance 2 HP
Attacks Bashing its head, contact

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Species Robot

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Mecha Carnivora[1] is a boss in Rayman Origins and Rayman Fiesta Run and is a mechanical version of Carnivora. Rayman battles Mecha Carnivora in The Reveal, a level in the Moody Clouds. When it first shows up, some Robots are trying to stop it, but Mecha Carnivora keeps coming and destroys them. Rayman must then stay ahead of Mecha Carnivora, while avoiding pistons and electricity. After this, Rayman must fight Mecha Carnivora in a battle similar to that fought against the real Carnivora.

The battle begins with Mecha Carnivora jumping, and Rayman must run under it to avoid getting stepped on. Then, Rayman must run up the wall to avoid it as it charges. Mecha Carnivora will hit its head on the wall, and a Bubo will form. Rayman must hit this to damage it. Then, Mecha Carnivora will start to walk on the ceiling. It will then hit its head on the floor repeatedly. Rayman must avoid this until Mecha Carnivora hits its head one final time. It will let go of the ceiling and lay on its head while a Bubo forms on its underside. Once Rayman hits this Bubo, Mecha Carnivora will be defeated, and the flooring will collapse, leading to a battle with the Mecha Mockingbird.


  1. His name is revealed in Rayman Fiesta Run.