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Minisaurus are slow-moving dinosaur-like creatures who like travelling with their family. They only appear in Rayman 2: Revolution on the Minisaurus Plains level. According to a Baby Globox, he owns them, but the Pirates' interference in the world, such as the destruction of the Heart, has driven them mad, and now they eat the butterflies. You can daze them, but they can bite you back. Minisaurus are larger versions of Denys, creatures found in cages in the PS1 version of Rayman 2. It is possible to lure a Minisaurus off of a cliff. First, alert their attention, then run towards the cliff near the beach and jump off. If you're lucky, the Minisaurus will jump off the cliff along with you. They will continue hugging the cliff wall and wade into the piranha-infested water. They will not appear back on the cliff when you jump back up. However, if you die or exit the level, the Minisaurus will reappear.