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The twin Moons are visible through the shattered windows of the Candy Château.

The Moons are the two natural satellites of the Glade of Dreams – the world in which the Rayman series takes place. Both of the Moons are white, and one of them is larger than the other. Like the Suns, the number of Moons visible fluctuates between one and two, even within the same game.

The Moons are first seen in the final level of the Sega Saturn version of the original Rayman game. When Rayman confronts Mr Dark in Candy Château, the smaller of the Moons can be glimpsed through the Château's skylight. When Rayman finally defeats Mr Dark, the five stained-glass windows of the Château shatter, revealing the larger Moon as well. At an earlier point in the game, Rayman battles Space Mama on a theatre stage made to resemble the surface of the Moon.

The Moons are visible more frequently in Rayman 2, where they are often seen in levels which have night-time sections, such as the Fairy Glade, the Precipice, the Echoing Caves and the Tomb of the Ancients. One of the Moons can be seen looming large in the sky above Polokus's domain, and one can even be seen above the Hall of Doors in the PlayStation version of the game. However, the number of Moons visible varies between one and two.

The Moons are a common sight in Rayman 3, where they appear in the Fairy Council, the Bog of Murk and the Summit Beyond the Clouds. Like the Suns, neither of the Moons are ever seen alone in this game.

In Rayman Origins, the Moons play an important part in the story: it is revealed that Rayman was woven from rays of moonlight by Betilla the Fairy, and that this was the source of his name.

Rayman battling Mr Dark before one of the Moons.

The Moons also make appearances outside the main Rayman games. For example, one of the Moons forms the backdrop to Rayman's battle with Mr Dark in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. The Moons also appear in the multiplayer spin-off, Rayman M.

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