Mr Dark's Dare

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Mr Dark's Dare
Mr Dark's Dare
Mr Skops' Stalactites Ray Breakout

Mr Dark's Dare (French: Le Défi de Mr DarkThe Challenge of Mr Dark) is the first and only level of Candy Château, the sixth and final world of the original Rayman game. The first time it is played, it consists of four parts. After that, it consists of zero; selecting the level from the world map after completing it will show the player the happy-ending screen, before going straight to the credits. However, in the Gameboy Advance and DSiWare versions the first 3 parts of the level are playable even after playing through the level once. In the DSiware version it is possibly due to the fact that the credits are part of the pause menu. In the Atari Jaguar version, it is known as Mr Dark's Château.

Part 1

In this phase, Rayman must slide across slippery hills of whipped cream while riding a frying pan, making sure to avoid gaps and sweet colorful lakes.

In the DSiWare version, the frying pan doesn't have any acceleration, meaning it constantly moves in the same speed no matter if the player is moving uphill or downhill.

PC version

PS version

Part 1 (Atari Jaguar version)

This part features Swiss knives and corkscrews

In the Atari Jaguar version, this level's layout is completely different. Instead of riding on the frying pan, Rayman has to follow some Tings that form arrows, most of which lead to dead ends but make mostly clouds appear. He will often have to punch Swiss knives to get past them unhurt, and duck under corkscrews while riding these clouds. Both the Swiss knives and the corkscrews also appear in Rayman Designer.

Part 2

Rayman is pursued by Bad Rayman

In this level, Mr Dark casts a spell on Rayman and summons Bad Rayman, his evil clone, who copies every single move he makes. He then has to reach the exit sign without touching him. The level has a bunch of small dead-end areas with extra lives and other powers. Although they are not hard to find, or hard to get to, they're made difficult by the fact that Rayman is constantly being chased. It is however possibly to skip the trigger, known as a gendoor, which spawns Mr Dark. This can be done by running from the far left and jumping over the gendoor with his helicopter straight away. This method is quite hard to perform and is not possible in the Playstation version. In the Game Boy Advance version, the gendoor is visible, being displayed as a small sparkle, making it much easier timing the jump.

PC version

PS version

Part 2 (Atari Jaguar version)

Rayman can cross the sweet colorful lakes by jumping on the tiny floating bits of icing

Again, this level is completely different in the Atari Jaguar version, and as such, Bad Rayman does not appear at all. Instead Rayman can walk around without the fear of being stalked by a deadly spell, but there are still many dangers that lurk in the area. As the following part is omitted in this version, it is at the end of this level that Mr Dark casts a spell which steals Rayman's telescopic fist.

Part 3

Rayman is forced to run by Mr Dark

Mr Dark then casts several spells on Rayman. The first one reverses his controls, meaning he will be walking left if the player wants to go right, and vice versa. Several clowns stand in his way to bring even more confusion. At a certain point, the spell will break, and Mr Dark will cast a new one, which forces Rayman to run until this wears off, without the possibility of using his helicopter hair. At the very end of the level, he will cast a last spell, which steals Rayman's telescopic fist.

This phase is omitted in the Atari Jaguar version.

PC version

PS version

Part 4

The final battle against Mr Dark
The stained glass windows shatter after Mr Dark is defeated in the Sega Saturn version

Rayman has to battle Mr Dark. Once completed, this level cannot be played again excluding the Gameboy Advance and DSiWare versions.

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