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* [[Murphy's Dungeon]]
* [[Murphy's Dungeon]]
* [[The Dojo]]
* [[The Dojo]]
[[Category:Rayman Legends Challenges]]
[[Category:Rayman Legends Challenges]]

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The Online Challenges room.

The Online Challenges are a variety of game modes that feature in Rayman Legends. As implied, these challenges require a connection to the internet in order to be accessed.


There are four challenges that can be accessed at any time, the Daily Challenge and Daily Extreme Challenge, and the Weekly Challenge and Weekly Extreme Challenge. The Daily Challenges are changed daily, while the Weekly Challenges remain open for seven days before being changed.

Each challenge has a scoreboard, with scores being divided by cups. The cups from lowest to highest are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The cup the player has when a challenge concludes determines the amount of points that goes toward the player's Level of Awesomeness. They also contribute Lums to the player's overall lum count.

Lum Prizes

Challenge Cup Lums
Daily Bronze 1000
Silver 2500
Gold 5000
Diamond 10000
Daily Extreme Bronze 2000
Silver 5000
Gold 10000
Diamond 20000
Weekly Bronze 1500
Silver 3000
Gold 6000
Diamond 15000
Weekly Extreme Bronze 3000
Silver 6000
Gold 12000
Diamond 25000


Challenges vary, but clearly focus on three aspects; Distance, Lums and time. The different locales in which challenges take place in are geared towards different types of challenge, areas such as Murphy's Dungeon and the Land of the Livid Dead tend to focus on distance challenges, however, they too can have Lum related challenges, though these challenges are more likely to appear in areas like The Dojo. The full list of potential challenges are:

  • Getting as far as possible, without getting hit.
  • Reaching a certain distance, as fast as possible.
  • Collecting as many lums as possible, without getting hit.
  • Collecting as many lums as possible, within a time limit.
  • Collecting a set amount of lums, as fast as possible.

While there are only 5 types of challenge, the means in which they play out will depend on the location the challenge has been set in, as each setting focuses on different movements and skills to achieve the set goal.


The five areas Challenges take place in

There are five areas that Challenges can take place in: