Pirate's Treasure!

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Pirate's Treasure!
Pirate's Treasure!
World Sea of Serendipity

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Pirate's Treasure! is the third level of the Sea of Serendipity, the fourth world in Rayman Origins. The Fire Teensie gives access to this level when 85 Electoons are collected. It is the fourth Tricky Treasure level, where Rayman must chase a Tricky Treasure for a Skull Tooth. For the first half of this level, the Tricky Treasure jumps onto a flying ship in the background that shoots cannonballs at Rayman, and Rayman must follow along in the foreground while avoiding the cannonballs and flames. Then, the Tricky Treasure will return to the foreground, where Rayman must chase it through water and across flaming debris.

This level seems to have an issue towards the end, though it is uncertain whether or not it is a glitch or simply a problem with level design. At the two masts near the end, the screen may move to the right too quickly for the player to keep up. The player must jump up between the masts with correct timing in order to avoid this.

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