Poor Little Daisy

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Poor Little Daisy is the seventh and last level of the Ticklish Temples, a world in Rayman Origins. This level consists of a boss battle against Carnivora, the first of the four kings that were turned into monsters that Rayman must defeat in order to make them normal again.

The boss battle begins shortly into the level, with Rayman having to stay ahead of Carnivora. Rayman must move quickly up a vertical passage while Carnivora follows, using platforms and Platformmen to go up. There are also spiky creatures Rayman must avoid, as well. At times, Carnivora will stop and roar several times, causing platforms to crumble, and then will start moving upwards again at an even faster speed. After a bit, Rayman must move horizontally and avoid Carnivora. This only lasts a short time before Carnivora stops at a passage too narrow for him.

In the next section, Rayman must avoid Darkroots for a short ways before falling into a room with Carnivora. This is where the actual battle takes place. Carnivora will come forward, and Rayman must run up the walls to get out of the way. Carnivora will then hit his head on the wall, causing a Bubo to grow. After Rayman hits this, Carnivora will then get on the ceiling and hit his head against the floor. He will do this several times, during which Rayman must run under Carnivora in between his attacks. After hitting the floor several times, Carnivora will release his grip on the ceiling, laying there on his head while a Bubo forms on his underside. After hitting this Bubo, Carnivora will flip over and jump several times, during which Rayman must run underneath to avoid getting hurt. Then, Carnivora will shoot his long tongue forward across the room, showing a Bubo in his mouth. Rayman must run up the tongue and hit the Bubo to defeat Carnivora, who will return to normal.

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