Rainbow Creek

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Rainbow Creek
Rainbow Creek
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Hub The Precipice, The Pirate Mines, The Echoing Caves, Beneath the Lava Sanctuary, The Lava Sanctuary, The Iron Mountains, The Prison Ship, The Crow's Nest

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Rainbow Creek is a location exclusive to Rayman Revolution, and is the last of the three free-roaming hub levels which make up the Front and replace the Hall of Doors. Like Globox's House, this place is set on a cliff, only this time it is by the sea. It gets it name because a large rainbow hangs over the area in the distance. A long wooden bridge connects these cliffs to the third and final Teensie Circle. When Rayman is ready to face Razorbeard, some of his friends will be near the bridge to cheer him on as he takes the flying shell to fly to the Crow's Nest.

Further down in the cliffs, there is a passage that leads to a derelict area in which the Robo-Pirates have set up a factory near the Lava Sanctuary. At the other side of the creek, there is a hot air balloon that leads to the Precipice.

The rainbow projected in the horizon of Rainbow Creek