Rainbow Creek

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Rainbow Creek
Rainbow Creek
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Hub The Precipice, The Pirate Mines, The Echoing Caves, Beneath the Lava Sanctuary, The Lava Sanctuary, The Iron Mountains, The Prison Ship, The Crow's Nest

Lums 30 Familiar Spirits 1

Rainbow Creek is a location exclusive to Rayman Revolution, and is the last of the three free-roaming hub levels which make up the Front and replace the Hall of Doors. Like Globox's House, this place is set on a cliff, only this time it is by the sea. It gets it name because a large rainbow hangs over the area in the distance. A long wooden bridge connects these cliffs to the third and final Teensie Circle. When Rayman is ready to face Razorbeard, some of his friends will be near the bridge to cheer him on as he takes the flying shell to fly to the Crow's Nest.

Further down in the cliffs, there is a passage that leads to a derelict area in which the Robo-Pirates have set up a factory near the Lava Sanctuary. At the other side of the creek, there is a hot air balloon that leads to the Precipice.

The rainbow projected in the horizon of Rainbow Creek

In the game

The Generators

When Rayman arrives at the Creek, there is already a lot to do. As usual the Teensie Stone Circle can be visited, along with the Magic Well. Ly's Cave stands nearby, which acts as the equivilent of Ly's House or Ly's Stele in the previous hub worlds. The Pirate Factory cannot be explored yet, as two generators must be destroyed to remove the lasers before Rayman can access it. Rayman must travel to The Precipice andThe Echoing Caves to find the two generators. However, he will be unable to reach the latter without first taking a trip to The Pirate Mines and rescuing the Baby Globoxes there. Pirates will attack him on the cliff-face and in the cave that he must pass by to reach these three areas. Once both generators have been destroyed, he can enter the Pirate Factory.

Boss Biditank and Beneath the Lava Sanctuary

At the Pirate Factory, Rayman must defeat several Pirate Guards as he explores, looking for the entrance to the Lava Sanctuary. A cage is located here, the only non-storyline cage found in a hub world. Eventually, Rayman comes across a room where Bimbette is held. After using the cannon to free her, she thanks him, but the celebration is cut short by the arrival of Boss Biditank, piloted by Razorbeard's Lackey. Rayman must use the cannon to defeat the tank. Once this is done, the lackey flees and Rayman can continue to the Lava Sanctuary... or not. The entrance is blocked by a pool of lava. Therefore, the only path open to Rayman at this time is a boat leading beneath the Lava Sanctuary.

The Lava Sanctuary at last

Beneath the Lava Sanctuary has one of the game's firsts. Unlike practically every other level, Rayman does not take a spiral door at the end but instead takes an ordinary door deeper into the sanctuary. For this reason, he reapears across the pool of lava at the pirate factory, rather than a Teensie Stone Circle. Now, he can enter the Lava Sanctuary and bring the back the third mask.

The Final Mask

After being freed at The Tomb of the Ancients, Clark the giant will smash down a final wooden door at the Creek which will lead Rayman to The Iron Mountains and the last mask. As Rayman now has the ability to hover over lava he can also get back The Lava Sanctuary by its entrance in the factory as well as the stone circle.

The Final Battle Begins

Once the four masks are found and Polokus awakened, a large spiral door appears at the stone circle on the Creek. This leads to The Prison Ship.

Going to face Razorbeard

Once the prisoners on The Prison Ship are freed, there is only one thing to do - fight Admiral Razorbeard. A shell appears near the stone circle and Clark, Uglette and the Teensies will be there to cheer Rayman off to the final battle. As the game cannot be saved upon Razorbeard's defeat, however, Rayman must gather any Lums and cages he has missed before taking the shell.

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